As the name, Alliances For Humanity, implies I wish to establish relationships, alliances between the Occult Sciences, which I’ve been a student of for many years, and the scientific community in general. The literature has much to say on a wide range of subjects. For example, it described quarks (subatomic particles), and the 3 particles which make up a quark (which have yet to be discovered), back in 1908 via the book Occult Chemistry by Annie  Besant  and  C.  W.  Leadbeater, OC.pdf, 48MB.


“The quark model was independently proposed by physicists Murray Gell-Mann and George Zweig in 1964.

“In 1968, deep inelastic scattering experiments at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) showed that the proton contained much smaller, point-like objects and was therefore not an elementary particle.”


The literature has much to say relative to Anthropology, Astronomy, Cause and Effect, the development of Consciousness leading to Spiritual expansions, Evolutionary processes, Matter/Substance, Planetary Sciences, Psychology, the purpose of Religion and more. There are also technologies which science needs to examine if helping humanity, and our planet, are of importance.

I was born and raised in Upstate New York though I’m currently living in Asia. I have a BS in Physics which was obtained in 2014. I also spent 3 years in an Electrical Engineering program back in the early 80s.

If you look at the knowledge I’ve accumulated, independent of the academics, you’ll see that I’ve had a specific range of interests. None of it being frivolous. All of it contributing to a deeper understanding as to what HERE is all about or knowledge which can develop devices that can be of meaningful help to our people and planet.  I’m dedicated to the promotion of the Occult Sciences, Occultism, Theosophy, the Secret Doctrine, the Ageless Wisdoms, whichever name you’re more comfortable with.

I’m open to relocation. I’d prefer to work on one of the technologies discussed in discoveries.htm though this is not a necessity. My interest in the Occult Sciences has given me a rather broad, inclusive, understanding of global conditions which could be of help in a number of fields, not just the sciences. A moral code is seriously lacking in global affairs, nationalistic selfishness abounds, a spirit of separativeness is potent, I see little common sense. At the same time wonderful stirrings are taking place around the globe, movements in the right direction. Will they have the endurance, the financial and political support? The teachings can be of help but they need a far wider distribution then they’re currently receiving.

As I said, I grew up in the Northeast US, a middle-class upbringing. I always had a warm bed and good food in my belly. On occasion news broadcasts would give me a glimpse into how many of our people live, the poverty. I now live in Asia. Daily I see the poverty, daily I’m reminded of where our priorities lie. I’ve also seen what could be if resources were properly, responsibly, distributed. The literature has given some insight into what would be if humanity were given a chance, properly supported, in its progress. Wonderous are our possibilities but this will require everyone shouldering their share and fulfilling their responsibilities. We are all on the same path. Some are further along than others, therefore incurring greater responsibility, but the rest will catch up. How quickly will depend on the nature of the support and sincerity of the encouragement.


Here’s a simple song which says a great deal:


For the Occult Sciences to be of help it will require that it be listened to, here its ideas, its concepts. During the 1900s everything associated with the word “Occult” was seriously tarnished. Most who spoke, wrote, on the subject were very limited in their understanding of the totality, the Occult Sciences. Opinions were voiced with little or no understanding. Many focused on the evil side of existence, which does exist, without including the far more powerful and positive side of nature therefore giving a dark taint to everything. Evil exists solely, ENTIRELY, because humanity sustains it upon our planet!!! Too many of us are attracted to the dark side. We fed this morbid attraction, it’s our responsibility to starve it. If our Elder Brothers were to intervene and handle this for us WHAT  WOULD  WE  LEARN? It’s not their responsibility, They didn’t create the problem. Please see the document Bailey.pdf. The man creates the proper perspective on this subject. Our attitudes towards the Occult MUST change. This short document, 15 pages, helps to do that.