Three significant areas of discovery during the last 150 years.

I don’t mean to belittle the numerous discoveries made by science during this period BUT the following are foundational, fundamental, in nature.


John Ernst Worrell Keely, 1837-1898. A financial supporter of his, Clara Sophia Jessup Bloomfield-Moore, wrote a book on his work, Keely and His Discoveries. The work done by this individual is the most far reaching, funda-mental and transformative. If we were to achieve only his initial accomplishment, the disintegration of water, our energy needs would be resolved.

“He has discovered that the range of molecular motion in all quiescent masses is equal to one-third of their diameters, and that all extended range is induced by sound-force, set at chords of the thirds which are antagonistic to the combined chords of the mass of the neutral centres that they represent, no two masses being alike, and that at a certain increased range of molecular motion, induced by the proper acoustic force, the molecules become repellent, and that when the sympathetic centres are influenced by a vibration concordant to the one that exists in themselves, the molecules become attractive; that the repellent condition seems to take place at a distance of about ten of the diameters of the molecules, this distance representing the neutral line of their attractive force, or the dividing line between the attractive and the repellent.  Beyond this line, perfect triple separation takes place; inside of it, perfect attractive association is the result.”

From Keely and His Discoveries pages 154-155.

“He disintegrated water into what he calls ‘etheric vapour’ by means of a tuning fork and a zither. The disintegration of only four drops of water produced a pressure of 27,000 pounds to the square inch, and three drops of the harmless liquid fired off a cannon ‘with a tremendous roar.’” p. 266.

The Bloomfield-Moore book is available here: KeelyH.pdf. Here’s what The Secret Doctrine, by Helena Blavatsky, has to say about Keely: KeelySD.pdf.

See also,,


Thomas Henry Moray, 1892-1974. His book is The Sea of Energy in which the Earth Floats.

"In the study of these pages one should consider that both matter and radiations have particle properties as well as wave properties. The particle properties are evident when recognized as highly localized events of very short duration with specific values of electric charge, energy and mass. The wave properties can be proven in different ways which have been proven and taught for so many years.

"After having connected these terminals with the outside aerial and with the ground wire, Moray then took a small magnet and stroked the soft iron pole pieces above mentioned, the windings of which were connected to the interior of the boxes. He explained that the stroking was necessary to set the device into an "electrical oscillation," and that when it was "oscillating" in tune with what he called "radiant energy" it would continue so to do and bring in this energy in a usable form when the switch was closed. After this stroking had continued for a few seconds less than five minutes, Moray closed the switch and the lights came on very brilliant. The lights gave off very much more heat than the ordinary electric lights of similar voltage attached to the house circuits which with the added brilliance clearly: indicated that more than the usual voltage was going through these 100-watt lamps. This was clearly shown in another manner when the inventor took out one light and attached to this socket an ordinary Hotpoint electric flatiron of 575 watt capacity. There was no dimming of the nine remaining lights. The iron was heated with great rapidity and when in operation with the lights added was drawing from this machine 1475 watts of electrical energy.

In later R E. devices a HF brush discharged of 18 inches in length was sustained and 50 KW of energy obtained.

“An 18 inch high frequency brush discharge was sustained and energy up to 50,000 Watts obtained from one unit.”

See Here’s the 1st edition of his book: Moray1.pdf. Excerpts from the 4th edition: Moray4H.pdf.


Royal Raymond Rife, 1888-1971. An investigator, Barry Lynes, wrote a book about his work: The Cancer Cure That Worked: 50 Years of Suppression. Like Keely he used resonance to accomplish his results but here the research focused on the destruction of harmful biological infections whether they be due to invading cellular, bacterial or viral organisms. He accomplished some wonderful work. Unfortunately the AMA considerably complicated matters for him. I’ve taken excerpts from the Lynes book and created the file Rife.pdf.


“In time, Rife was able to prove that the cancer microorganism had 4 forms:

1) BX (carcinoma)

2) BY (sarcoma––larger than BX)

3) Monococcoid form in the monocytes of the blood of over 90% of cancer patients. When properly stained, this form can be readily seen with a standard research microscope

4) Crytomyces pleomorphia fungi––identical morphologically to that of the orchid and of the mushroom.



Rife wrote in his 1953 book: "Any of these forms can be changed back to 'BX' within a period of 36 hours and will produce in the experimental animal a typical tumor with all the pathology of true neoplastic tissue, from which we can again recover the 'BX' micro-organism. This complete process has been duplicated over 300 times with identical and positive results.

"With the frequency instrument treatment, no tissue is destroyed, no pain is felt, no noise is audible, and no sensation is noticed. A tube lights up and 3 minutes later the treatment is completed. The virus or bacteria is destroyed and the body then recovers itself naturally from the toxic effect of the virus or bacteria. Several diseases may be treated simultaneously.

"The first clinical work on cancer was completed under the supervision of Milbank Johnson, M.D. which was set up under a Special Medical Research Committee of the University of Southern California. 16 cases were treated at the clinic for many types of malignancy. After 3 months, 14 of these socalled hopeless cases were signed off as clinically cured by the staff of five medical doctors and Dr. Alvin G. Foord, M.D. Pathologist for the group. The treatments consisted of 3 minutes duration using the frequency instrument which was set on the mortal oscillatory rate for 'BX' or cancer (at 3 day intervals). It was found that the elapsed time between treatments attains better results than the cases treated daily. This gives the lymphatic system an opportunity to absorb and cast off the toxic condition which is produced by the devitalized dead particles of the 'BX' virus. No rise of body temperature was perceptible in any of these cases above normal during or after the frequency instrument treatment. No special diets were used in any of this clinical work, but we sincerely believe that a proper diet compiled for the individual would be of benefit."

Date: December 1, 1953. Written by R. R. Rife

All of the above is from the Lynes book.

See the video The_royal_rife story.mp4. It’s 2 hours 11 minutes in length.

See article, a Special Supplement, written about Rife from Everyday Practical Electronics, April 2001. TheEndToAllDisease.pdf.


Should you rediscover one of these technologies inform the world. Demonstrate its capabilities.

If any of these technologies have been patented or copyrighted these MUST be IGNORED.

These technologies are far too valuable. No one can be allowed to have exclusive rights to them except possibly the UN.

Find a good lawyer. You both can make a name for yourselves and help humanity.

Approach The International Court of Justice, in The Hague, to resolve this.


Here’s another document worth the time to read. Possibly the most important document here:
"In 1919, during the month of November, I made a contact with A.A.B. (Alice A. Bailey) and asked her to do some writing for me and also to undertake the publishing of certain books which––under the sequential giving out of truth––were due to appear." Bailey.pdf


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