Nov 16, 2019


This forum had been up and running since June. There was only one post. Many attempts to submit took place but this was a place for mature adults, not children.


Apparently you had no need for such a place. Solutions were there but you refused to discuss them. Daily I see something about climate change on the news or online. Again, apparently, you don’t care. You’re showing a lack of courage and a willingness to leave the resolving of this cataclysm, which we’ve created, to our children and grandchildren, assuming they have the time. I believe you’re unable to face the facts and take responsible, intelligent and forceful action. Selfishness and arrogance is all that I see, personal AND corporate, amongst those who are in a position to have a significant impact on these problems. You’re going to have to work together folks. Share the expenses and share in the rewards. The global political climate, especially in the US and UK, is a disaster. Everything is falling apart. It will be impossible to get down to serious business without governmental involvement and cooperation. Everyone is being distracted by these playground politics.

Beating head against the wall


This forum came down on Nov 12.


What was found there may be seen at Discoveries or Hierarchy.