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    I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Physics in 2014. This was long after getting involved in Theosophy and Occultism. I attempted to earn an Electrical Engineering degree during the early 80s but never completed it. This always bothered me. For the sake of my honor I had to get a degree, decided to go with Physics. Ended with a GPA of 3.4 if you count only the credits used towards this degree.
    I've always been interested in the mysteries of nature. The type of things the scientific community generally ovoids. For good reason in many cases but not so good in others. The literature has MUCH to offer if you stick with the fundamentals; the 2 initial books by Helena Blavatsky, the 24 Alice Bailey books and a few others. Hopefully you'll allow me to present to you what I've found and then give the material a fair hearing.
    We need to extend conventional understanding. Our reality is a subset of a larger existence, 1/7 of the total picture, and the most material part of that totality.
    Now, I understand the hesitancy most of you have towards associating yourselves with anything that has to do with Theosophy or Occultism. You must get past this otherwise these social stigmas, potential criticism/ridicule, in general the ignorance shown by others, will cause you to turn your back on knowledge which CAN be of substantial help in solving the problems we're facing. Please, hear what the material has to say. My door will always be open to honest and sincere inquiry. A respectful frankness is essential.

    The individual responsible for all but 4 of the Bailey books has a few things to say, 15 pages:
    See https://www.alliancesforhumanity.com/books/Bailey.pdf
    More information is available here:
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